Dan Hill – Sometimes When We Touch

You Gasked me if I Clove you, and I D7choke on my reGply

I’d Grather hurt you Emhonestly, then A7mislead you with a D7lie

And Amwho am I to D7judge you, on Gwhat you say or Emdo

CI’m only just Gbeginning, to A7see the real D7you

GSometimes when we Ctouch, the D7honesty’s too Gmuch

And I Emhave to close my A7eyes and D7hide

I wanna Ghold you till I Cdie, till we D7both breakdown and Gcry

I wanna Amhold you, till the D7fear in me subGsides

GRomance and all its straCtegy, leaves me D7battling with my Gpride

but Gthrough the inseEmcurity, some A7tenderness surD7vives

AmI’m just another D7writer, still Gtrapped within my Emyouth

A Chesitant prize Gfighter, still A7trapped within my D7youth

At Gtimes I underCstand you, and I D7know how hard you Gtry

I’ve Gwatched while love Emcome at you, and I’ve A7watched love pass you D7by

At Amtimes I think we’re D7drifters, still Gsearching for a Emfriend

A Cbrother or a Gsister, but then the A7passion flares aD7gain

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